On-water direct action resisting fossil fuel expansion in the Salish Sea

The Mosquito Fleet is a regional network of activists fighting for climate justice and a fossil-free Salish Sea through on-water direct action and grassroots movement building.

We’re fighting to #StopTMX! The Trans Mountain Pipeline Expansion is a blatant violation of indigenous sovereignty, directly threatening coastal communities and the stability of our global climate. If completed, the project would move an additional 590,000 barrels of tar sands crude every day, increasing oil tanker traffic through the Salish Sea by 700% and emitting 15 billion metric tons of climate pollution every year. Put simply: TMX must be stopped.


Upcoming Mosquito Fleet events and actions
a gray toned photograph of a person on a boat wearing a life vest, taken from behind the person

COVID-19 Action Alert: Close Construction Camps Endangering Indigenous Communities

Despite a raging global pandemic, fossil fuel projects are alive and well in Canada, and they’re putting thousands of lives at risk. Workers are living in “man camps” by the hundreds in tight quarters, increasing the risk posed to local indigenous communities and workers alike. Prime Minister Trudeau must act now to shut down these projects and get these workers out of harm’s way.

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