A giant oil ship at left is surrounded by protesters in small kayaks. Their banner reads "Stop Trans Mountain"

From Vancouver outlet The Columbian:

“Five protesters were arrested late Tuesday morning while trying to block a ship from unloading pieces of oil pipe at the Port of Vancouver. The protesters arrived early in the morning in boats and positioned themselves in the Columbia River at the base of one of the port’s docks. […] The Vancouver Police Department and Coast Guard were called in and began communicating with protesters from two local groups, Portland Rising Tide and Mosquito Fleet.”

“It was the third such protest at the port since the start of September.

On Oct. 7, protesters from Rising Tide blocked a set of railroad tracks to stop pieces of the pipeline from a previous shipment from being sent by rail to Canada. No arrests resulted from that protest.

On Sept. 2, about 30 protesters from the Mosquito Fleet paddled out from Kelley Point Park in Portland to the Port of Vancouver to protest a cargo ship they said was carrying pipe to be used for the Trans Mountain Pipeline.”