Our Mission

The Mosquito Fleet is a regional network of paddlers, sailors, and community activists fighting for climate justice and a fossil-free Salish Sea through creative on-water direct action and grassroots movement building. In the face of a global climate crisis, and an industry hell-bent on turning our region into a fossil fuel superhighway, we’re building a bold and broad-based movement that defends and empowers local communities. We aim to help dismantle the extractive economy by prioritizing indigenous sovereignty, defending workers’ rights, and protecting the health of our communities and ecosystems both local and global.

Our Values

We are guided by a steadfast commitment to the principles of climate justice and our belief in the power of direct action. We are dedicated to addressing the root causes of the climate and ecological crisis by fighting for a just transition from an extractive and exploitative economy to a regenerative and democratic economy which centers affected communities. We see our role in this transition as a “force-multiplier”, building the power of our movement by empowering communities to take collective action, interrupting business-as-usual and building solidarity in the face of climate crisis.

Our Work

Our three key areas of work are


Empowering communities with the tools to take action and make change. We provide training in technical skills such as tactics and strategy of kayaktivism, action safety and security, communication, campaign planning… etc.

Movement Building

Bringing communities together to grow the power of our movement. Building coalitions with grassroots organizations, frontline communities and NGOs to fight the fossil fuel industry, as well as supporting impacted communities such as indigenous nations.

Nonviolent Direct Action

Directly confronting the fossil fuel industry by taking bold, disruptive action. This often means putting our bodies and our boats on the line to block the operation of fossil fuel infrastructure and demand change.

Fighting to #StopTMX

The Trans Mountain Pipeline Expansion is a blatant violation of indigenous sovereignty, directly threatening coastal communities and the stability of our global climate. If completed, the project would move an additional 590,000 barrels of tar sands crude every day, increasing oil tanker traffic through the Salish Sea by 700% and emitting 15 billion metric tons of climate pollution every year. Put simply: TMX must be stopped.